"We commited ourself to do something meaningful in our work life - every day. What can be better!"
Sandra Ulrich
Sandra Ulrich
Founder and Management

  • CAS Spiritual Care
  • Developer & Project Management M A D E R OxX®-therapy
  • Further Education in Grief Counseling and Palliative Care, USA
  • Engagement for TIC "Trauma Informed Care", Switzerland
  • Member IG "Trauma Informed Care in Ende of Life Care", Switzerland
  • Research & Quality Measures Council SOUL INJURY®, USA
  • Leadership Ambassador Non Profit Organization Opus Peace, USA
  • President NPO MENTAL HEALTH Switzerland
  • Former Member of The Board from Palliativ Zug (Kt. Zug), Switzerland
  • Former Pres. Swiss Charity Women's Club
  • Speaker/Lecturer
  • Author Childrens Grief Book

"We support projects that enrich us professionally and personally. This is an accelerator for our commitment - every day!"

Jacqueline Canacik

Jacqueline Canacik
Administration, Member of the Board

With Jacqueline Canacik, the RFM Royal Foundation Management LLC has great support since 2019. Jacqueline Canacik and Sandra Ulrich know each other from the High School-time in South Africa. In Switzerland, their paths also led to each other professionally. Jacqueline Canacik has many years of experience in the commercial sector and leading teams.

  • Vice President Project M A D E R OxX®
  • Vice President NPO MENTAL HEALTH Switzerland

"Being part of a team that is committed to something meaningful, is just
an awesome motivation every day!"

Fiona Ulrich

Fiona Ulrich
Digital Marketing, Coordination License and Quality Registration

Fiona Ulrich, daughter from Sandra Ulrich, the RFM Royal Foundation Management LLC has received a  motivating team member with power. Fiona takes over the supervision for the M A D E R OxX® licenses and quality registrations, she supports us with her marketing and advertisments skills and represents
M A D E R OxX® in Italy. She is talented in organization and digital marketing and will support us with her fresh and open manner.

  • Board Member NPO MENTAL HEALTH Switzerland
  • Representative M A D E R OxX® Italy
Networking Europe/USA