March 2019: A four day get together with Comfort Care Hospice in Alabama, USA to improve our skills in Hospice Care, Grief Counseling and SOUL INJURY®

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Unforgettable impressions and personal moments from the "Fallen Camarade Ceremony" (USA 2019)

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Left: 16th World Congress of Palliative of the European Association for Palliative Care in Berlin, Germany
Right: Schweizerischen Tagung für Spiritual Care im Gesundheitswesen, Universitätsspital Basel

EAPC 2019

"Evidence-based spiritual care is the use of scientific evidence on spirituality to inform the decisions and interventions in the spiritual care of persons. Although it is not straightforward to evaluate spiritual care practice it is important to construct research in order to improve the quality of care. Sharing research findings will also inform healthcare providers and faith communities of the role and importance of chaplaincy and thus promote chaplaincy services."
George Fitchett, 2015 Caring for the Human Spirit Conference, HealthCare Chaplaincy Network