RFM Royal Foundation Management GmbH

  • RFM Royal Foundation Management GmbH has been consulting Swiss Foundations and NPO Associations since 2007. Focusing on various diseases and engagements for people with special needs. The company uses practical resources from Switzerland and the USA.

Palliative Counseling - A Service To Foster Spiritual Care in Palliative Care

  • With "Palliative Counseling" the RFM Royal Foundation Management GmbH offers another service that mainly engages in Spiritual Care in Palliative Care. Under the same name "Palliative Counseling LLC" was founded in the US in 2016. It faciliates collaboration and exchange in the areas of continuing education and research in "Spritital Care in Everyday and Work Life". In terms of implementation it uses methods realted to practice from Switzerland and the USA.

we care & support

left: Jacqueline Canacik, Deputy Management
right: Sandra Ulrich, Management

   Our Fields of Activity with RFM

  • Team training and training
  • Education and Research Soul Injury in Europe
  • Realization of Events for Social Image Promotion
  • Announcement of a Concern and the Purpose of A Social Foundation and Association Idea
  • Team Coaching in Marketing Campaigns as well as Active Support in NPO and Profit Projects
  • Professional and Sympathetic Representation of a Foundation, Association or Society Concern
  • Merging and Networking Interests of Foundations and Associations in Switzerland and the USA

Our Purpose

Since 2007 in the Swiss Commercial Register: Erbringung von Dienstleistungen im Bereich Fundraising, insbesondere für gemeinnützige und wohltätige Zwecke, Erbringung von Dienstleistungen im Zusammenhang mit Gründung, Verwaltung und Organisation juristischer Personen, insbesondere Stiftungen und Vereinen, Erbringung von Beratungen in den Bereichen Public Relation, Marketing, Team- und Medienarbeit sowie Nachhaltigkeit im Stiftungs- und Vereinswesen; vollständige Zweckumschreibung gemäss Statuten. Nebenleistungspflichten, Vorhand-, Vorkaufs- oder Kaufsrechte gemäss näherer Umschreibung in den Statuten.


RFM Royal Foundation Management GmbH applies for clear-cut structures and principles to any social project entrusted. For the execution of the assignments, we always include ethical guidelines that set the idea into the best light.