An engagement for TIC: Trauma Informed Care, Switzerland
  • Receive concrete knowledge about various intervention possibilities and the neurologic, biologic, psychologic and social effects that afflicted persons with trauma and PTSD (Posttraumatic Stress Disorder) suffer. Understand the context and receive comprehension on how afflicted have to deal with these emotions and impulses.

TIC: Trauma Informed Care, Switzerland

Also here, in Switzerland, there are people with a traumatic background and a posttraumatic stress disorder. Not only deprived persons and refugees are afflicted. All social classes are addressed. In many training courses trauma is only marginally addressed. This results in that support and care giving persons very often reach their limits.

This fact must change and this is were we are committed to do!

Under no circumstances we want to start a discussion on, if the introduced restrictions by politics were right or wrong. We are glad that we did not have to decide. Fact is, that the pandemic will leave traces in the mental health and has traumatized many.

Can you imagine how it must be not being able to say goodbye to a beloved person because of Corona? Grandchildren were not allowed to see or hug their grandparents. Everywhere people with masks…..Not enough parental disscharge and exhausted parents. Sudden loss of the job, financial problems…. and domestic violence has risen massively. Can you imagine, how people - especially children - must feel that have experienced violence, were abused (physical or mental) and did not received help? Our youth, now reaching at their limits, are the elderly society of tomorrow - that's why we can not wait. We have to do something. We must understand the signs that show us, if someone could be traumatized, how we can reach out to them and finally, how they can be helped.